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Title The completion of renovating the exterior walls of the Civil Aeronautics Administration reappears the glamor of historical relief sculptures.
Date 2018/05/02
Issued by The Taipei Songshan airport
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The completion for the renovation of the exterior walls of the Civil Aeronautics Administration reappears the glamor of historical relief sculptures.

Take a walk touring around the exterior walls of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, you are able to understand the history of aviation! Human don’t have wings but always hoped to fly in the sky. It was only 115 years ago that the Wright brothers' invention of a fixed-wing airplane successfully flew in the sky; but in the previous several hundreds of years, various kinds of flying attemptshad never been interrupted.

During the progress, the Chinese have invented the kite and then the sky lantern; meanwhile, in the west, an ancient Greek legend tells that Icarus flew into the sky with wings constructed out of feathers and wax. In real life, there have been many people attempting to fly in the sky like birds. Not until more than 200 years ago, the inventions of the hot air balloon and the airship successfully taking men into the sky have made human beings dreams come true.

The 17 relief sculptures on the rear wall of the Civil Aeronautics Administration depict the history mentioned above. The 17 relief sculptures called "History of flight" were created by an American architect Van Sant, who designed the construction of Civil Aeronautics Administration 45 years ago. From ancient Greece’s Icarus to the most advanced spaceship at this time, the progress of human beings flying dreams becoming a reality from legends is portrayed.

Due to a long time passing, the 17 relief sculptures have gradually lost their original appearance in recent years; therefore, the Civil Aeronautics Administration started the renovation of the exterior walls last year to recover the glamor of these relief sculptures and also reappear Van Sant's creation that leaves the historical context for contemporary Taiwan at that time.

At the same time as the renovation was undergoing, the exterior walls of the Civil Aeronautics Administration were also repainted; the colors including orange red, yellow, blue, white and so on were adopted as the theme colors in the consideration of consistency with the Songshan Airport area; also, the theme colors accentuate Songshan Airport's blue and yellow glazed tile and white walls as well as the red tile motif of the Grand Hotel situated far away. After completion, during the day time, various shades of the sunlight shining over the historic relief sculptures make them reappear along the changing of sunlight; at nights, the sculptures appear in different sensations that bring the grey-looking city a little more color and warmth.


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