Aircargo Service


Songshan Airport International Cargo station is located in the east side of Terminal I.

Songshan Airport Domestic Cargo station is located in the west side of Terminal II

Consignors can ship their items (International Cargo Terminal does not ship items sent by local citizens) and enquire the shipping rates at the cargo terminals. For details, please check with the logistics agents (Central Taiwan Science Park Logistics co., Ltd.: 02-25460799) and other airlines for shipping information:

Express delivery operated by domestic airlines (click to open the websites) Tel. Business hours
Mandarin Airlines (02)8770-2869 06:00 ~ 20:30
UNI Air (02)8770-2880 06:00 ~ 20:30
Far Eastern Air Transport (02)8770-7877 #8361 06:00 ~ 20:30