Viewing Platform

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Please enter the Terminal at pillar 18.The viewing platform is on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2
In addition to watching airplanes taking off/landing at a close range, you'll be able to see numerous key landmarks in Taipei,and appreciate beautiful locations such as Keelung River, Dazhi Bridge, Ferris Wheel, Neihu Technology Park and Datun Mountain。
A stair-like wooden seating area offers the best angle for observation, while trees have been planted in the elevated seating area,
offering shade and a sense of greenery for the public。
This lobby exhibits airplane models of various airlines。
An outdoor light dining area has been created with roofing, tables and chairs to offer tourists a place to rest and dine。
The observation deck floor is mainly composed of an elevated wooden platform. Highly durable ironwood suitable for Taiwan’s climate was used in the construction. It has the advantage of low radiation and a soft, natural look。
A LOGO wall has been created on the north wall of Terminal 2. This creates a visual highlight and is also a great spot for taking photos。
To provide a fitting setting for an international airport, artistically designed seats with high practical value have been selected in the hope of enhancing the overall atmosphere. This internationally renowned outdoor furniture comes from the "Twig" series designed by "Alexander Lotersztain"who was once selected by an international magazine as one of the top ten most influential world-class designers. This series has won numerous major international design awards including the 2008 Australian International Design Award. A twig is a fresh shoot which is a perfect analogy for the transformation of the aging Songshan Airport into a new international business airport。 Night time lighting has been installed in key areas to provide the public with different day/night time visual experiences。


Please take the Wenhu Line and get off at Songshan Airport Station. Exit 2 leads directly to the airport. Please enter the Terminal at pillar 18 in the passageway.

Please take bus number 214, 225, 225 (sub), 254, 262, 275, 275 (sub), 617, 801, 803, 906, 906 (sub), 909, Dunhua Line, Brown 1, and Brown 16 and get off at Songshan Airport. Please enter the Terminal at pillar 18 in the passageway.

A pay parking lot for cars and motorcycles is available at the airport. Please enter the Terminal at pillar 18 in the passageway.