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Inter-City Bus Services

Map of Songshan Airport、 Inter-City Bus Services
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Kuo Kuang Motor Transport


(1)Kuo Kuang Express: Songshan Airport→Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (non-stop) 

Service Hours:05:20~22:45 with buses arriving every 20-30 minutes .
(2)Zhong Xing Express: Songshan Airport→Nankan→Taoyuan International Airport Corporation→Dayuan
(3)Zhong Xing Express: Keelung↔Songshan Airport↔San Chung  

Service Hours: 06:00~19:15 with buses arriving every 2 hours.
To Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

● Service Hours: 05:50~23:30 with buses arriving every 20-30 minutes.

● Service Hours:
08:20、09:00、10:25、12:25、13:05、18:30(Normal schedule)
Holiday schedule)


Other Bus Services


(1)E-Go Bus: Songshan Airport→Window On China Theme Park
(2)FORMOSA FAIRWAY: Songshan Airport→Keelung
(3)Taoyuan Bus: Songshan Airport→Taoyuan |Songshan  Airport→Chungli

(4)Orangebus: Songshan Airport→Nankan

(5)San Chung Bus: Songshan Airport → Linkou Chang Gung University
(6)Free Go Bus: China Airlines→Hsing Tian Kong→Taoyuan International Airport Corporation
● Service Hours:05:00 ~ 00:30 with buses arriving every 10-20 minutes