Airport Vision and Missions

Become a capital city commercial airport that is friendly,convenient, and practices sustainable development
Songshan Airport's unique location in downtown Taipei offers significant advantages. Business travelers save time, and the general public enjoys easy access. Yet at the same time, environmental integration is an issue. We leverage our advantages to serve as a shortcut for travel from Taipei to numerous destinations both at home and abroad, promoting regional economic development; and also effect appropriate integration with the surrounding environment, seeking to become a model for urban commercial airports.
● Creation of a competitive management team .
● Pursuit of balanced operational and environmental development.
● Serve as a key support in Taipei's economic development
Core Values
● Safety and Security We attach great importance to aviation safety and security. As such, we are committed to providing a safe and orderly operating environment and a flight environment offering complete peace of mind.
● Passion We are passionate about our airport services duties, and bring both complete devotion and dedication to providing an airport experience that exceeds customer expectations.
● EffectivenessSet optimal goals and plans for airport development and bring these to fruition with high-efficiency.
● CooperationClose cooperation of entire airport team that provides quality services together.
● InnovationProactively identify opportunities for progress and improvement through embracing a spirit of innovation.