● To check whether your ticket and passport are eligible to use at self-service kiosks, please contact your airline. Each airline has its own rules therefore passengers are requested to follow check-in procedures required by their airline.

● The Self-Service Kiosks:The self-service kiosks are available alongside check-in counters. The self-service kiosk waiting time is approximately 10-40 minutes shorter than check-in at the counter (depending on the number of passengers).

● The Boarding Pass Recognition System:The boarding pass recognition system provides passengers with an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, paperless, and efficient way to travel. Check-in online with airlines that provide e-boarding passes and use your mobile device (smart phone, tablet PC) to download the QR code for your e-boarding pass. If passengers need to use paper boarding passes printed themselves, please proceed according to the regulations of each respective airline. If you encounter any issues related to invalid e-boarding passes, please contact the issuing airline.

e-Gate :The e-Gate application process takes about 2 minutes. After registration, customs clearance procedures take 11 seconds to complete. This is in the control area for inspection clearance which is open between 08:00-22:30.

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