Terminal T1


Terminal 1 Appearance (Day View)
The current appearance design of Terminal 1 of Taipei Songshan Airport was made by Dahong Wang in 1971, the same architect of the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The Taipei City Government (TCG) announced the terminal as a historical building in December 2008. The terminal is also a cultural heritage of Taiwan.


Terminal 1 Appearance (Night View)
A brilliant and sharp image is seen from a distance when LED light penetrates the terminal building. The timbre change of LED light can better present the 3D effect of the building and brighten the night over the airspace.


Departure Hall
With part of the aircraft interior as the design element, triangular honeycomb ceilings are hung over the elevated hall roof at different obliquities to symbolize the aircraft wings. Arc-shaped perforated plates hanging high above suggest the interior design of an aircraft cabin. The four cylindrical objects symbolize the jet engines of aircraft and the blessings for passengers of the Songshan Airport. Stone carvings introducing famous special, cultural, or scenic spots of Taiwan crisscrossing the floor to attract visitors’ attention and create topics.


Taipei Cultural and Creative arrival hall lounge
The Taipei Cultural and Creative Street is designed by the inspiration of a tranquil landscape hidden in the city. Culture and Creative is a cultural rennovation, thus the pillars decorated by the traditional street and houses are designed to welcome tourists to this area. Accompanied by a little green man, a retro-bicycle, an antique postal box, a street, furniture and garden lights, tourists will be led through a nostalgic situation and will be able to experience the life of early times everywhere. Moreover, Hibiscus, a symbol of Songshan District is an implication of intersection, a meeting place where people encounter or assemble. It's hoped to create a comma, a gathering or a memory of tourists on their journey.


Arrival Hall
To make the waiting environment more comfortable and to meet with the capital and business airport image of Songshan Airport, airport seats are designed by externalizing the VIP room concept. By integrating sofa seats with green plants and art sculptures, every passenger can enjoy VIP service.


Taipei Flying Square
The design is inspired by the initial of perfect flights, thus there are large circle-shaped pendant lights hanging above the seating area. The TAIPEI seat has an implication that passengers are seated in the flights bound for the world. There are 12 paper airplanes hanging in the air to stand for the 12 administration districts in Taipei. The decoration on the pillars consists of light boxes demonstrating Taipei's signature landmarks to help tourists quickly browse through the wonders in Taipei and rhododendrons known as The Flower of Taipei City surrounds the area. As to the design of the piano performance stage symboloizes a place for the migratory birds to perch. The wide-spread piano is a symbol of the wings widely opened, and it's hoped that moods of the tourists will change with the beautiful melody for better travel experiences.


International Information Counter
The quasi-shell shaped circular information counter enables attendants to notice passengers walking into the hall from different direction and to easily access functions behind the counter to respond to the front desk needs. To passengers, it is an easy-to-identify focus.


International Check-in Counter
Starting from the idea of taking passengers to travel in a flight and the fun of expecting a trip, the thoughtful countertop design for people with disabilities and the integration of a coated metal surface with a veneer presents a warm and modern sense. The automatic check-in kiosk and luggage scale are integrated into the check-in counter for passengers to buy tickets, select seats, check in, and check in luggage all at one stop to accelerate and smoothen true one-stop service.


Taipei Kaleidoscope
Flying above the city at night, look down through the window at the shining lights, it's a splendid duration of vision no matter if it’s a farewell or departure. Such exquisite and dazzling lights taken as the last impression of the city as well as the image merged with large circle-shaped lights in the airport, the glistening gold and the roof colors of the airport in the glimpse respond to each other at the beginning and the last moment. The life tree standing aside functions as an Internet connection and sharing for tourists connecting or transmitting messages. An area integrated with flowers and trees, a flower-blooming encounter performs a gorgeous and grand show for those departing tourists.


Departure DFS—Fragrances
Polished glass brings the rhythm of fashion, a spacious sense, and clear access planning. Along with the “customer focus and service first” spirit, shopkeepers there render each and every passenger professional service.


Departure DFS—Luxury Goods
Integrating modernity with tradition, the entire layout enables passengers to feel the traditional beauty of Taiwan in the process of innovation. Luxury goods of local designers are displayed for passengers to experience the creativity of Taiwanese designers.


Departure Waiting Lounge—Taiwanese Snacks (Subtropical Kitchen)
In the style of the red-brick stove in ancient times, a wide variety of foods are offered at affordable prices. Famous local snacks such as danzi noodle soup, tempura, and stewed foods are the major options, and Japanese and Western foods are also available to meet the demand of worldwide passengers.


Departure Waiting Lounge— Shopping Area (Taiwan Souvenir Store)
Different sites, including the Taiwan Cultural Create Goods, Taiwan Tea, and Taiwan Specialty Food, are designed to present the idea of “Promote Taiwan and Connect with the World.” The “Taiwan Tea Tasting Site” is specially planned to spread the riches and hospitality of Taipei with simple tea aroma, so as to present all passengers of the warmest regards from Formosan people.


NMH Exhibition and Gift Shop
The collection exhibition and creative cultural gift shop of the National Museum of History (NMH) is the cultural window turning Songshan Airport into a culture and art communication hub.


Massage Station
The Massage Station are established in collaboration with the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office for the Taiwan Foundation for the Blind to send blind masseurs to provide massage service at the airport, so that foreign travelers and businessmen can relax themselves and remove fatigue while waiting for their flights.


e-Library Waiting Lounge— Internet Service Area
With the tree of wisdom at the center, internet service area, tablet tryout area, and digital magazine area are established. The robot made with abandoned motherboards is the role linking these areas and heating up the waiting lounge.


e-Library Waiting Lounge— The Tree of Wisdom
With the tree of wisdom at the center, internet service area, tablet tryout area, and digital magazine area are established. The robot made with abandoned motherboards is the role linking these areas and heating up the waiting lounge.


Love for Taipei Waiting Lounge—Star
The overall space is planned and designed into three main sites: Life in Taipei, Culture and Art in Taipei, and Entertainment in Taipei. Each site presents a different aspect of Taipei.


Love for Taipei Waiting Lounge—Airship
The installation art of traditional paper-cutting impresses people more about the Love for Taipei. The “Dream Airship”, large paper cutting wall, and the LED light sculpture of the word LOVE in seven languages (Traditional Chinese, English, Svenska, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Maltese, and Greek) bring the warmest and colorful wishes.


Text-Style boarding area
In considering the overall interior atmosphere in the boarding space and the design coordination, Chinese characters are adopted as the main subject in the design of the boarding room while inheriting and developing Chinese traditional culture is the core; with the theme of "Chinese characters", an important indication symbolizing civilization, the verses of "Di Zi Gui (standards for being a good pupil and child) are demonstrated to share with the tourists nationwide and worldwide about the profound and esoteric ethics and morals of traditional Chinese culture.


Gift Shops
Gifts are a symbol of presenting hospitality. Besides treating passengers friendly and sincerely, the decorative dots of different sizes on the carpet represents perfection, warmth, and reunion. The spatial design of the gift shop area shows the cultural beauty of Taiwan and expresses the multicultural contents of Taiwan.


Arrival Corridor—Butterfly Valley
The visual design of the Butterfly Valley impresses passengers immediately after they arrive in Taiwan with the beauty, friendliness, and hospitality of Taiwan. With different kinds of colorful materials presented in multiple layers, passengers can follow the butterflies to enter and explore Taiwan.


Arrival Corridor—Art Bank Showcase
For Taiwan to exchange with people of different faces, cultures, and religions and for foreign travelers to discover the beauty of Taiwan’s modern arts and witness the endless creativity of Taiwanese artists, we invite the Art Bank to display artworks based on the capital and business airport image of Songshan Airport. Besides turning the airport more artistic, it is hoped that these modern artworks will enable passengers to read the culture and landscape of Taiwan.


Arrival DFS
Supplying duty-free tobacco, alcohol, and cosmetics to provide passengers who did not prepare gifts with the last chance to buy some gifts.


The Writing Counter in Arrival Immigration Hall
The black artificial stone presents the height of the counter to break the traditional counter stereotype. Round indirect lighting and square glued laminated timber trimmings represent the universe.