Terminal 2


Blue mosaic tiles linking to the sky symbolize the realization of the ancient flying dream. The wave-shaped glass canopy brings more rhythm. Walking across under sunshine, it is like passing through glittering diamond tunnel.


Domestic Departure Hall
The spacious aisle links to the international terminal for passengers to quickly identify their whereabouts and increases the magnetic effect. It is also convenient for passengers of domestic flights and international flights to switch access, meeting one another, and contact with one another.


Advertising Space Embellishment: TV Wall
Commercials are dynamically displayed on the large signage. Interactive multimedia functions for passengers are designed for passengers to take photographs with different scenic spots before they leave Taiwan and keep sweet memories of Taiwan.


Spatial Wall Embellishment— Round Lightbox for Flight Safety Publicity
Inside the round lightbox are the drawings of children about correct flight safety concepts.


External Waiting Lounge
The hotel-lobby-like atmosphere is created with sofa seats, veneer partitions, and green plants which green the interior. Sofas and pendant lamps of different shapes are installed in focus areas to mark out the characteristics of different areas.


Domestic Information Counter
With a humanistic design to minimize the sense of indifference, the counter brings a friendly and convenient feeling. The countertop has earned acclaim for its accessibility suitable for use and writing by people with disabilities.


Domestic Internal Waiting Lounge
Besides an adequate amount of seats, the lounge is equipped with carpet, pendant lamps, round tables, computer desks, and an internet service area to provide passengers with a more comfortable environment.


2nd Floor Waiting Lounge: Art Bank Showcase
The Art Bank Showcase is the outcome of the cooperation between the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Ministry of Culture. By displaying the authentic works of Taiwanese artists through the Art Bank, foreign passengers can explore the mind and concept of Taiwanese artists at a closer distance, and domestic passengers can have more opportunities to rediscover the beauty of arts in Taiwan.


2nd Floor Waiting Lounge: Sofa Area
Dual-C-shaped sofas are planned and designed in the more spacious area in the internal waiting lounge on the second floor. Besides providing comfortable seats, these sofas bring more changes to the space.