Observation Deck


Observatory Entrance
“Painting” at the entrance, elevator, and stairway is what makes the observatory different from other features in the terminal. It also creates a welcome atmosphere for visitors of all ages. Themes on the entrance wall include Songshan Airport, aircraft, and skyscapes.


Thanks to the building restrictions around the airport, there is a clear vision from the observatory. Besides experiencing how aircraft take off and land from above, visitors can enjoy the unique cityscape formed by Dazhi Bridge, Miramar Observation Wheel, Neihu Technology Park, and the Datun Mountain across the Keelung River. This makes Songshan Airport a unique spot for cityscape.


Coffee Air Garden
The observatory on the terminal roof is an outdoor space like a park or a zoo. Besides the dining area under the glass canopy, there are numbers of outdoor tables with parasols for citizens relax and dine there.


Sculpture Chairs
To improve spatial quality, practical sculpture chairs are selected. They are made by Twig, an internationally famous furniture brand designed by Alexander Lotersztain. A twig is a branch. It matches the “new branches from an old trunk” connotation of the revival and transformation of Songshan Airport from an old airport into an international business airport.


Automatic Terminal Information Service
Inform captains of the current condition of the airport, including weather, runway number, air pressure, and altitude value. Citizens can listen to these contents with this facility to experience how a capital captures the information in the cockpit.


Wooden Stairs
The observatory is equipped with an elevated wooden floor to reduce radiation heat transfer and soften the visual effect. Wooden stairs are built to connect with the wooden sightseeing platform to provide the best viewing angle. Arbors can be grown between the elevated space to provide shade and green for the public.


Barrier-free Vision of Aprons
Full vision of aircraft takeoff and landing is available from the observatory by emptying the component room. Improvements and shade are made to make the environment more comfortable. In this area, visitors can watch how aircraft take off and land on the runway and are allowed to photograph the scene, so as to meet the watching demand and improve the service of recreational space.


Aviation Theme Shop
A souvenir shop will be opened east of the entrance on the first floor of the observatory. It will be the first aviation theme shop in the airport in Taiwan. Besides selling aircraft models of different scales, souvenirs of Songshan Airport and the observatory, select specialty foods, aviation related products, fun toys, and professional aviation books will also be sold for citizens to feel the unique charm of aviation.


LOGO Implications
The two Chinese characters of Songshan are selected to emphasize the importance of the locale and history of the airport. After type design, these two characters become the backdrop of the logo’s identifier. The orange roof, the architectural feature of the airport, is added on top. The roof is designed with the “blanking” skill in Asian calligraphy to symbolize dynamic connection with Asia. The logo is then surrounded by an arc and the aircraft image to symbolize the takeoff and landing of aircraft. Circles also suggest circulation, service perfection, and total security.