::: Transport


1.   Background:

Songshan Airport is a major air transportation hub serving domestic and foreign business travelers and tourists. The airport has leisure facilities including restaurants and an observation deck, and is frequently visited by both Taipei residents and foreign tourists. However, many members of the public and tourists end up inquiring at the service desk whether the airport rents YouBike bicycles.

Since Youbike bicycles have become one of most important cultural experiences for tourists visiting Taipei, and are also a key marketing point for the city, in order to provide the public a full range of local transport options, a YouBike public bicycle rental station has been established in front of Sungshan Airport.


2.  Benefits:

In order to provide foreign tourists a chance to experience convenient bicycle use immediately after their arrival in Taipei, this station recommended in a letter sent on March 10, 2016 that the Taipei City Department of Transportation establish a YouBike rental station at Dunbei Park. The Taipei Department of Transportation responded in a letter sent on March 18 that it would assess this proposal, and ultimately completed establishment of the bicycle rental station on February 25, 2017. The YouBike station is located at the corner of Dunhua N. Rd. and Fujin Street (on the northeast side, in Dunbei Park); this station has 20 posts (space for 40 bicycles).