Business Aviation Center

The business aviation center was established on April 26th, 2012, it's the nation's only one center providing one-stop services including exclusive customs clearance, professional ground services, online maintenance and support, gas filling service and agency services for private airplanes and business charter flights in order to be in line with the world and meet the multiple needs of passengers travelling on civil airplanes. At the end of 2013, the convenient customs clearance service exclusive for civil airplane passengers was activated for providing comprehensive services. The business center provides passengers with the most convenient and private privilege clearance, whenever taking business charter flights or general civil airplanes, the passengers enjoy independent customs, immigration and quarantine for a speedy completion of arrival procedures. Those passengers taking general civil airplanes should arrive 45 minutes before the departure time, an exclusive service agent will assist in checking procedures and accompany them through immigration; also, upon arrival, an exclusive shuttle will welcome the passengers upon landing at the airport apron to transfer them directly to the business center for customs clearance. It takes only 5 minutes before leaving the airport, thus to ensure complete personal privacy without any external disturbance. EVA Air is entrusted to manage the business center, enquiries about applying airplane landing permission, charge rates and departure and arrival regulations, please directly link to thewebsite of EVA Taipei Business Aviation Center