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Parking Lot


30-minute free parking policy has been implemented 12 a.m. on September 1t, 2000.

There are three 24-hour parking lots available in this terminal offering parking space for 872 normal-sized vehicles. In addition, there is also one parking lot offering parking space for 11 large commercial-sized vehicles.


To enhance the parking lot utilization rate in this terminal and to ensure more reasonable parking rates, current standard parking rates have been in effect since 12 a.m. on June 1, 2012. In addition to the cancellation of the policy for the same-day maximum parking fee policy, differential parking fees for peak hours as well as off-peak hours have also been adopted:


#1, 2 and 3 normal-sized vehicle Parking Lots (short-term parking of less than 30 minutes is free of charge)
1.Peak Hours (08:00 - 21:00): NT$40/HR
2.Off-Peak Hours (21:00 - next day 08:00): NT$ 10/HR


Large commercial-sized vehicle Exclusive Parking Lot:

1.Peak Hours (08:00 - 21:00): NT$80/HR
2Off-Peak Hours (21:00 - next day 08:00): NT$20/HR


Motorcycle Parking Lot: A motorcycle parking lot is available next to the #3 Parking Lot (Parking Building).

Parking Fees: Parking fees are charged on a per-entry basis at a flat rate of NT$20.


Parking Lot Service Phone Number:

#1 and #2 Parking Lots:( 02)87703426 ( 24-hour service)

#3 Parking Lot: (02)87703427  ( 24-hour service)