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        Nangan Airport was originally used as a small military airport for the airdropping of military supplies. Having received approval from the Council for Economic Planning & Development, the Nangan Airport Construction Project officially got underway on the 31st of December 1997. Under the supervision of the Department of Transportation & Communication’s Civil Aviation Authority, appropriate policies governing safety, as well as economic and practical issues were drawn up, after which the National Expressway Engineering Bureau was called upon to commence construction in July of 1998. Completed in four years later in 2002 at a total cost of NT$2,276 billion, flight operations were officially commenced on the 23rd of January 2003. Owing to the fact that Matsu is situated a fair distance from the main island of Taiwan, the Nangan Airport provided a welcome alternative to lengthy shipping times and air travel soon became the preferred mode of transport. Almost six years after the inception of the first flights between Matsu and Taiwan, daily flights between the two destinations were increased from 12 daily flights to 18 (including two services connecting Matsu and Taichung) and up until May of 2009, had already served an estimated total of 1,119,927 passengers.


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Basic Information
Opening Date 2003.01.23.
Geographical Location Matsu Nangan, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
East Longitude 119°57'30"
North Latitude 26°09'35"
Total Area 38 hectares
Elevation 70.71 meters above mean sea level
Runway 1579m(L) x 30m(W)
Parking Bays 3(airplanes)
Annual Capacity International:410,000 passengers
Parking Lot 2 parking lots for 94 normal-sized vehicles; 1 parking lot for 88 motorcycles
No. of Boarding Bridges 0
No. of Airplanes Maintenance Hanger 1