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Main Facilities

1) Airport Facilities:


The main runway facilities  Taxiway Parking Apron Area


(i) Runway: orientation of 3 & 21, total length of 1580m, width of 30m. Can accommodate take-off and landing procedures for up to DH8-300, DH8-200&FOKKER-50 models of passenger aircraft.

(ii) Taxiway: 74m in length, width of 27m

(iii) Parking Apron Area: Fixed wing aircraft (airplane) aprons: length of 150m, width of 84m, can simultaneously accommodate up to three DH8-300 or DH8-200 model passenger aircrafts. Helicopter apron: length of 60m, width of 30m, provides parking for one helicopter at a time.

(iv) Terminal Building: floor area of 2872m2, includes offices and engine & power distribution rooms.

 (v) Parking Lot: provides parking for a total of 196 vehicles (14large passenger vehicles, 94 small vehicles & 88 scooters).

 (vi) Access Roads: total length of 457m, spanning 2 to 4 lanes, connects the airport with rest of island’s road network.

 (vii) Surrounding Landscape: boasts public artworks, lawns, plants & murals.


Main facilities PARKING LOT Access Roads Surrounding Landscape   


2) Navigational Aids


(i) Nangan Airport Control Tower

(ii) Non-Directional (Radio) Beacon (NDB)

(iii) Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

(iv) Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicators (APAPI)

(v) Runway lights, distance markers, instruction signs & lighting, high intensity obstacle lights, helipad lighting and aircraft ramp spotlights



  Nangan Airport Control Tower Fire Truck Garage


3) Other Facilities


(vi) one Fire Truck Garage, one Fire Safety Water Reservoir, one Water Tower, one Sewerage Processing Plant & Sump

(vii) one 3000 Gallon Fire Truck, one Vacuum Runway Sweeper Truck

(viii) one 200 KW Generator

(ix) two 120T Air Conditioners

(x) one Security Monitoring System